Composites technology

Composites technology

Arising from components nature base and general classification of plastics the fibrous composites (laminates) are created only in the period of intermediate or final product processing.

Taking this fact into account it is necessary to evaluate the production technology as a very important factor which determinates both final properties and the production costs.

Therefore it is necessary to pay the considerable attention to proper choice of technology.

Determining factors for choice of technology

The production technology is given first of all by the product itself . The choice is influenced by several important factors:

  • a) series scale
  • b) dimensions and complexity of product
  • c) surface performance
  • d) properties required incl. weight and strength
  • e) costs limits

Usually there is necessary to make a compromise to fulfil all the factor to some extent or to approach the most important as much as possible.

Series scale is one of basic factors influencing the choice of technology. It is evident that short series is not possible to realize using machine technologies, on the contrary large series are not possible to manufacture economic by hand methods.

Complexity and design: Some technologies allow only certain forms (for instance filament winding), some technologies are able to be applied only for simple shapes (spray-up).

Surface quality: Some technologies allow only one-side perfect surface from mould

Final properties requirements: Majority of mechanical properties are dependent on the reinforcement content and orientation and matrix type. These factors are deeply depending on technology.