Looking back at the Polymer Composites 2023 International Conference

On May 24 and 25, 2023, the traditional international conference Polymer composites took place for the third time in the hotel’s conference center LH Dvořák in Tábor. The organizer of the event is the Society for Technical Support and Promotion of Polymer Composites (www.polymer-composites.cz) in cooperation with the expert group Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures, CTU in Prague – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and SYNPO Pardubice. Co-organizers and sponsors this year were Havel Composites, SAERTEX and Technical Textiles, The Technical School of Engineering and Construction Tábor also contributed to the technical equipment.

For the third time, the mayor of the statutory city of Tábor, who opened the conference, took over the patronage of the event welcoming the participants and pointing out the history and other cultural and natural attractions of Tábor. The conference was attended by 54 experts, including 4 from abroad. Unfortunately, there were no traditional participants from Hungary (Balaton partner conference in even years) and, due to the current situation, also participants from Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Introductory plenary very interesting lecture by doc. Kuželová Košťáková from the Technical University of Liberec introduced the audience to the field of nanofiber research, starting with their characteristics depending on the starting materials, through a list of technologies for their preparation and further textile processing, to an overview of their areas of use.

The further course of the meeting was traditionally divided into the sections Construction and Design, Materials, Properties and Testing and Technology and Applications. A total of 17 contributions were made in the sections, a special time slot was dedicated to the poster section. The overall program and proceedings are published on the website. An integral part of the conference was, as always, an associated exhibition in the hall, where companies had the opportunity to present their field of activity in the form of samples and technical literature and, in particular, to consult with erudite company representatives on the subject matter and possibly establish new contacts.

Informal discussions, exchange of experiences and discussion of new projects also took place during a successful social evening, the culinary provision of the hotel and accompanying music contributed to its perfection.

The PC 2023 conference was very favorably evaluated by both presenters and participants both in terms of professional content and organizational arrangements, it is likely that the next year of PC 2025 will be held in the same premises and on a similar date.

International Conference on Materials Science & Nano Science 

International Conference on Materials Science & Nano Science as a potential Speaker for an Oral Presentation during June 19-21, 2023 in Valencia, Spain.

To have a glimpse about the Conference, PS: https://www.materialsscience.theiconicmeetings.com/

*For an Oral Presentation, the talk duration will be 20-25 minutes with the opportunity to publish the abstracts as Conference proceedings that will be distributed at the conference.

Materials Science and Engineering

Polymers, Ceramics, and Composites

Materials Science in Sensor Technology

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Material Physics and Material Chemistry

Organic, Inorganic, and Biomedical Nanomaterials

Graphene, Carbon Nanostructure, and 2D Materials

Superconductors and semiconductors

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Soft Nanomaterials



Nanotoxicology Risk and Safety Management

Nanoscience on Metallurgy

Cancer Nanotechnology & Solid Tumor Oncogenesis

REINFORCED PLASTICS 2022 International BALATON Conference

All members of Association and also other individuals and companies are kindly invited on conference of our Hungarian partners.

The Hungarian Association of the Manufacturers of Reinforced Plastic Materials
(EMSZ), is pleased to invite you to participate in its
International BALATON Conference,
to be held in Siófok on
September 20-21; 2022

The aim of the Conference is to present the most recent technical, scientific and economical results in manufacturing, processing and application of
reinforced plastics products, with special reference to the following topics:
• raw materials
• processing technologies
• properties and testing of products
• new fields of application
• environmental protection, recycling
• market information
• new materials, companies, activities
• science / research
The Organizing Committee would be most happy to welcome the attendants, i.e. manufacturer of row materials (matrix materials, reinforcements), auxiliary
materials, processing machines and testing equipment as well as processors,distributors, developers, users, R&D experts, and environmentalists in every
branch of this field.
Speakers are expected for the above topics with presentations of about 20 minutes.
The official languages of the Conference will be English and Hungarian. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.
Speakers are requested to submit a summary of one page to the organizing secretariat not later than 30
st June 2022 Acceptance of the presentation will be announced.

Secretary of the Conference
Gabriella CSUKAT
Mobile: (+36) 20 520 6912
E-mail: csukat@novia.hu
President of the Organising Committee
Dr. Szebényi Gábor
Phone: (+36) 70 255 0769
Fax: (+36-1) 463-1527
E-mail: szebenyi@pt.bme.hu


26 June2022 – 30 June2022



The European Conference of Composite Materials of 2022, the biannual European Conference under the auspices of the European Society of Composite Materials (ESCM) will be held in Lausanne, organized by EPFL.