Carbontech 2024 (8th) International Carbon Materials Conference and Exposition

Carbontech was established in 2016 with a strategic focus on future technology and a deep emphasis on the carbon materials industry. It is a comprehensive technology ser vice platform dedicated to promoting the high-quality development of the carbon materials industry. The platform covers five major business systems: new media, investment and financing, industry, consulting, technical services, and talent services. Carbontech brings together the academic and industrial achievements of top domestic and foreign research teams, with
the goal of exploring the innovative potential and commercial value of carbon material industry applications. Over the past 8 years, Carbontech has served customers in more than 20 countries and regions, showcasing over 10,000 highquality products and innovative technologies through its platform. Additionally, Carbontech has established a comprehensive media network to amplify the industry’s voice through various “Online+Offline” platforms such as WeChat official accounts, video channels, TikTok, LinkedIn, Carbon Circle, Caishi, carbon
material magazines, blue books, industrial maps, conferences, and exhibitions. The Carbon Materials Conference and Industry Exhibition was established in 2016 with the slogan “Gathering Global Strength, Joining the Future of Carbon Materials”. Our mission has always been to integrate industry, academia, and research. Under the guidance of Academician Xue Qunji, Honorary Chairman of the conference, we have successfully built a platform for exchanging ideas and promoting collaboration among professionals in the carbon materials industry.
This platform has facilitated the exchange of talents, technology, and projects, and has become a highly influential platform for academic exchange and industrial cooperation.