During past few years composite materials have been gradually developed and spread in numerous fields of Industry. From the beginning composites were created as materials with specials features for aeronautical and military fields, but now they are widely spread in a number of civil applications such as automotive, marine, wind energy, construction, water treatment and many others.

13th Exhibition “Composite-Expo” is an exhibition event in Russia and is a platform for development and introduction of composite technologies and materials in different branches of industry. Many Russian and foreign companies participate in the event such as Technologiya ONPP, RT-Khimkompozit, Stupino Glass Reinforced Plastics Plant, Akzo Nobel N.V., Evonik, OCV Steklovolokno (OCV Reinforcements) are already exhibitors of the event.

The event purpose is defined by three components:

  • Industrial and economic relations’ development;
  • Scientific and technical information exchange;
  • Wide introduction and application of innovative technologies of composite materials manufacturing and introduction.

Composite-Expo is a specialized event in composite industry in Russia, where full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of composites is widely introduced. In 2019 the total exhibition area made over 6000m2 and the trade show attracted about 9000 specialists. 145 exhibitors took part in the show from 14 countries (Austria, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Isalamic Republic of IRAN, Luxemburg, Macedonia, the People’s Republic of China, Russia, Turkey and USA) took part in the show.

This event will take place on 8-10 September 2020 in Moscow, Russia.